The hustler in me is tired.

I love the hustle, I live for the hustle. Trying to get goals fulfilled get dreams met and visions to materialize, this is the stuff I live for or lived for. And then I found myself burnt out and exhausted and suddenly I was sick of the hustle. I was dead tired and unmotivated. What happened to me? Then suddenly I am back to my old self slaying my work life, home life, building a startup, maintaining friendships and social commitments. I’m winning again. Then boom I’m once more in the pits can’t take it too much to do so I’m arrested in a state of deep overwhelm. And that was me, winging on the pendulum of hungry hustler to unmotivated, exhausted and overwhelmed wide-eyed girl. When do I say enough, this has to stop and ask “Do I have to do it all?”
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