I love the hustle, I live for the hustle. Trying to get goals fulfilled get dreams met and visions to materialize, this is the stuff I live for or lived for. And then I found myself burnt out and exhausted and suddenly I was sick of the hustle. I was dead tired and unmotivated. What happened to me? Then, just as suddenly, I am back to my old self slaying my work life, home life, building a startup, maintaining friendships and social commitments. I’m winning again. Then boom I’m once more in the pits can’t take it too much to do so I’m arrested in a state of deep overwhelm. And that was me, winging on the pendulum of hungry hustler to unmotivated, exhausted and overwhelmed wide-eyed girl. When do I say enough, this has to stop and ask “Do I have to do it all?” When do we give ourselves the permission to breathe?

I recently attended a webinar by a very talented Hilary Rushford on Elegant Excellence. Her class is the formulated around the concept that being a hustler is over rated and we as entrepreneurs should be balanced in our lives and in our businesses not constantly stressed but at peace and clear with space to grow think and explore ideas. The class is focused around a book by Greg Mckeown called ‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’.

So of course I had to pick up the book. In his book Mckeown discusses the desire most of us have to try to “do it all” and end up doing it all badly instead of focusing only on the essential thing and doing that well.

The book made me recognize the fact that I had a choice in my day to day life on what was essential to me and what wasn’t and that I have a right to say no to all non-essential things . And so I started slowly paying attention to what I commit myself to and what I really felt was essential. What this meant was no more networking events that were not very specific or targeted. No more dinner parties unless I really felt that spending time with the people there was very important to me. Spending time with family and close friends was priority. Getting Sleeping early every single night because that makes my days more productive. Cutting out my favorite TV show so that I can sleep or work or spend time with someone, because as much as I love that TV show, it is not essential. Writing in my journal to center my thoughts and working on my business in a more targeted approach.

I realized that this new peace in my life was exactly what I needed to get myself on track. I don’t have to do it all or have it all. I only need to do and have what matters. The hustler in me is not dead the hustler in me is tired and she is now an essentialist, which is really just a hustler who hustles smarter not harder How about that!

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