Every Valentines day for the past 5 years I have been single. It has sucked.

It has sucked because you are relentlessly reminded of how lonely you are and how sad you should be. Even if you are content being single, for a brief moment you start to doubt yourself and question your own happiness because you do not have  a significant other. It doesn’t just start on February 14th but also the 2 weeks leading up to February 14th.

Then on the actual day there is an overload of disgusting love overtaking television and social media that you have to see no matter how much you try to avoid it. When you are single it is sickening, but I have just realized that there is a condition that is even worse than being single on Valentine’s day.

What could be even worse that being single on Valentine’s day? The answer is being in a long distance relationship on Valentines day.

Why is this even worse?

Well you have to deal with all of the same things that a single person has to but it’s much worse because you have someone that you would like to  make plans with on this day but due to the distance you can’t and it painfully sad.And so you spend the day thinking about that special person in your life and how you wish you could be with them.

I don’t have a formula for how to make this time easier or how to “get over it”, but what is great about it is that immediately after February 14th the universe normalizes and the circus frenzy that is Valentine’s day ends and suddenly the difficulty that is a long distance relationship gets slightly easier.

Good news. Today is the day after Valentine’s day. And you survived!



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