It’s finally  that time of year when we make New Year resolutions.

I know most people says they don’t work but for me they are a way to reflect on my year and see patterns and habits that were not productive for me and change that in the New Year.

The New Year is a natural resetting, a fresh start. Do not miss this obvious opportunity to set your intention for your year.

How do I make New Year Resolutions work for me? 3 Steps.

1. Write them out!


Something powerful happens when you put pen to paper or fingers to keys. Since 2013 I started breaking my resolutions down to into 6 categories (a hint from my friend Ayoo). The categories are Health, Career, Spiritual, Beauty, Financial, and Relationship. I write them down and refer to them so the goals are not forgotten. As you will see below depending on my priorities some of my resolutions are specific and some allow room for flexibility. You should do what feels right to you.

2. Have An Accountability Partner

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I have an accountability partner to remind me of my goals throughout the year and see how I am doing. I also remind them of their own goals throughout the year. Team work makes the dream work!

3. Do the Work

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I do the work and I check myself. Every 2 month I check to make sure that I am sticking with my goals.Then I ask myself, “Is there something else I could be doing to improve my results?” If needed I readjust my behavior or if needed I readjust the resolution.


Usually, by the end of the year I am not perfect but I am more improved in several areas of my life than I was in the beginning of the year. And that is far better than ending the year in exactly the same place as I started.

Please allow me to share my resolutions for 2016 and I hope you can hold me accountable to blogging consistently!

Stephanie Atieno New Year Resolutions for 2016


Eat and sleep and exercise on a healthier level. Nothing specific just move everyday and sleep 6 hrs minimum per night. Sticking to my Pescetarian lifestyle and also cutting out as much dairy as I can.


Work on being a consistent blogger.


Set aside time to meditate each morning for at least 3 minutes.


Complete the interior design of my house.


Work on saving 5% more and paying off one student loan completely off.


A. Work on being a happier me so that I can pour into a happy relationship.

B. Work on being a better friend to the wonderful friends I have.


Those are mine! What are yours?


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