To all the ladies in the place with style and grace allow me to lace… Just Kidding.

It may seem like a challenge to be taken seriously if you are unmarried childless and boyfriend free. I get it all the time the first thing friends I haven’t spoken to in a while or distant family members want to know about me is a not related to how successful I am at my work or even in my fashion business. The question I get is ALWAYS tied to whether I am potentially getting married soon or dating and if or when I will “settle down”. Ridiculous.

I am the youngest among my colleagues and it really challenging at times not being able to relate to them very much because they all look at me like I am in another world and “crazy” for being single. I have one although well-meaning colleague who is constantly scoping single guys for me to date. I get that the mid-20s is the time to date and I do, but I am not interested in a serious relationship right now. I am focused and I have kind of been taking a short break sheesh!

When I bought my house one coworker asked me if I think my dating life will change. Actually she asked me “How do you think you will ever get a man now?” I brushed it off because I don’t buy that men are intimidated by successful women I think that is complete bull. Some man might be, thankfully, I don’t want him anyway so if my success repels him then I need more repellant. I want to only attract men that are secure.

Being single is not a disease or illness that needs to be cured. Being insecure in your singleness is. Not having the confidence or self-awareness is the real illness. Because when you are this type of single gal, you end up falling for anything and anything my not be good for you.

So to all the ladies in the place with style and grace…

Stay that way be happy and content with or without a significant other don’t feel like you are less than without a match and don’t feel like you have to conform to societal pressure to be paired up to be happy. If you are on your grind and don’t need the distractions, hustle on sister. And if you’re in-between guys and taking a rest, rest on girl. Enjoy and do you.

 Disclaimer: At the time I wrote this blog post I was very much happily single. A few months later, I am very much happily in a relationship. But I still agree with everything I have written above. You have to know for yourself when the time is right and when it isn’t. And when the person is right and when he isn’t.



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