While on the brink of a psychotic break, one of the many panicked moment during my quarter life crisis (QLC), I had an amazing epiphany.

My problem was that I had so many questions and no one in my life could help me answer them. I realized that the solution was not that I needed to go find someone to help me answer these questions and change my life. The problem was with the questions themselves not having  answers.
Life would be so easy if it were a multiple choice test. By deductive reasoning you can get down to at least 2 possible answers and then you have a 50% chance of getting the correct answer if you guess.

But in life, if your question has a simple answer then it’s likely not the right question.

We are hardwired to expect all questions to have concrete answers and once we get the answer we apply the answer to the situation and everything works out fine. Just like in movies and TV shows and like we’ve been taught our whole lives.

The QLC is annoying because you start to recognize life for what it really is…

One giant question mark filled with uncertainty. The grim reality is that no one can give you the solutions.

One of the reasons why psychics still exist, despite the skepticism in our ever more science heavy world, is because they offer us insight to the future. They offer us certainty and answers to the unknown question.

If someone could tell me right now that tomorrow is going to be just fine, sure I could relax but then I would be totally bored waiting for tomorrow. Part of the excitement, the spice that adds flavor to life, is this uncertainty, this not knowing; this unanswered question

When you look at the question and see the possibility to shape the answer for yourself rather than allow things to happen to you. When you change your mindset to make sure that you are leaving yourself ready and open, that is when the question mark stops being a looming nightmare but rather an inspiring motivator.

You are not predestined to do or be anything you have chosen a path or a path has chosen you and you can now choose to take that path or you can make a new one or you can choose to stand in the same spot.

What will you do?

That’s the question.


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