1. #GirlBoss -By Sophia Amoruso

#GirlBoss 2

I left work one night to go to a deep tissue massage appointment at Massage Envy and since I had about an hour to kill, I stopped at the Barnes and Noble across the street from ME. I picked up #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso because I had been seeing it everywhere and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. I had no intention of buying it. I just sat down in the Starbucks area and randomly picked a chapter and started reading. Needless, to say I missed my appointment and bought the book.

This book is for the entrepreneur. It is a memoir style book in which Sophia highlights specific life events that led up to creating one of the most successful online retail companies in the world. She also gives advice to the aspiring entrepreneur #girlboss. To say this is a great book is belittling it. This is a reminder to everyone that you don’t have to follow a route to success. There is no map and the more you try to follow one, the more you are going to miss out on opportunities and creativity.

2. Lean In -By Sheryl Sandberg

Lean in

A couple years ago I was considering a new job. The company made me an offer but it was way too low. I was too nervous to ask for the salary that I wanted because I thought that they would think I was too young and too inexperienced and blah, blah, blah. Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In touches on this issue. Apparently women have a tendency to undervalue themselves in comparison to men. We negotiate less and are far more critical of ourselves in the work place. I find that this is so true. That example of me is one, but there are so many other women who don’t speak up for what they are worth because they have been conditioned to doubt their own value; or too scared to seem weak if they speak up for what they deserve like pregnancy parking!

I would recommend this book to anyone pursuing a career. Sheryl gives amazing insight into how to approach your career and other life situations that impact us as women. It’s also great insight for men on the issues that we as humans can work towards to make the world more equal and as a result everyone more happy.

Fortunately, for me my good friend mentored/forced me to negotiate, and I got what I wanted but I later found out I could have gotten more and a bonus! Kicking myself for that but not really because the next time I do this I’m getting every penny I am worth.

Comment below if you have read these books and what you thought about it!

-Stephanie Atieno


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  1. May 22, 2015 / 9:31 pm

    I read #GIRLBOSS and was impressed by Sophia’s honesty and humor. It really gave me the push I needed to step my game up. I knew if she could do it I could and I’ve going strong for almost a year now! I also wanted yo read other women entrepreneurs after reading this book. It gave me an apetite for more business books in general! I will be reading “Lean In” next! Thanks!

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