1. Pair with solids

The easiest way to Rock African Print fashions is to pair a bold print with a coordinating solid piece.

2. Pair with coordinating print

A less safe way to wear prints is to pair different prints together. This can be tricky, although can be done successfully. Check out these ladies.

Rue 114Print Blocking!

3. Same Print top and bottom
Another sure way of wearing a print is to wear the same print top and bottom…or a full dress. It’s a more formal dressy look.

JamesQuest---Stephanie-14 JamesQuest---Stephanie-6 JamesQuest---Stephanie-Set2.3

4. African accessories
Another way is to where African print in your accessories. This is one of my favorite ways to sport my African textiles.

The Na'Zeem Collection2 The Na'Zeem Collection

5. Wear a Head Wrap
A head wrap can be worn in many different styles but can always make a drab outfit special.

 Head scarf1Head scarf2

Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints. The world is your oyster! If you have another way that you wear your prints. Please share below.

-Stephanie Atieno

Featured designs:

Stephanie Atieno

Rue 411

The Na’Zeem Collection

Fanm Djanm

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