When I first started my business Stephanie Atieno, I was so embarrassed and self-conscious to share my business with my friends and family or anyone that I met because I was afraid that they would laugh or just not take me seriously.

I would literally whisper “I have a clothing line” when it came up in conversation. I mean it was absolutely ridiculous.

Then when I went on to promote Stephanie Atieno on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I was so embarrassed, that I would read every post over and over again to decide if I really wanted to post it… and usually I would chicken out and end up posting nothing.

I mean I was crazy.

Then I discovered Shameless Maya, who shamelessly promoted herself for 365 days. Say what!

From following her journey I realized if I don’t shout out myself no one will and I won’t be noticed.

And I now realize that the uncomfortable embarrassment that I feel at first is only temporary and it eventually fades away. What lasts is the benefit of having promoted myself. Ultimately, the small price of being embarrassed for 5 minutes is worth the result of putting myself out there.

So I encourage you to be shameless with me and Shameless Maya visit her blog here.


Stephanie Atieno


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