The Power Collection received its name from the message in the “Your Care Tag” (A care tag within each Stephanie Atieno garment for how to take care of you the wearer). For the first collection we wanted the message for the YCT to be broad and encompassing and to have a meaning beyond the physical but also to the spiritual. That is why we chose the Benjamin Franklin Quote “While we cannot change what happens to us, we can control what happens inside us”. This quote from the discoverer of electricity or power, has two meanings. First, the physical meaning: You can control the food, drink and exercise you put into your body that ultimately have a cause and effect relationship with your health. Two, you can control the thoughts you have in your head which ultimately have a cause and effect on you spiritual health. In both meanings the outside influences seem to be what we blame for lack of health in the physical and spiritual lives but when you realized that you can have Control or Power over these things from within you can conquer them. Reclaim your power in the Stephanie Atieno Power Collection.

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